Kirsten Scheid

Kirsten Scheid

Ph.D., Princeton University, 2005

Professor of Anthropology and Art Studies
Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Media Studies
Affiliated Faculty in Fine Arts and Art History

New bookFantasmic Objects: Art and Sociality from Lebanon, 1920-1950, with Indiana University Press, Public Cultures of the Middle East and North Africa series.

New essay: "Palestinian Art Talk: A Local Lexicon for Global Art Production," In Motion: The Global Politics of Artistic Engagement, ed. Pénélope Larzillière. (Leiden: Brill Publishers, 2022). Pp. 233-265. 

Forthcoming exhibition, October 2023- January 2024: Partisans of the Nude: An Arab Art Genre in an Era of Contest, 1920-1960, at Wallach Gallery, Columbia University, New York, NY