Spring 2022 Courses

Undergraduate Courses
Graduate Courses

All Columbia seminars with an "AHIS" prefix require an application (see undergraduate or graduate planning sheets and forms.)

Many courses fall into more than one distribution area. However, a single course can never fulfill two Field requirements at the same time. For example, AHIS W4155: The Art and Archaeology of Ancient Mesopotamia can fulfill either Ancient or non-Western but never both. Check to see which requirement the courses fulfill.

Please note that 4000 level lectures are "introductory graduate courses" and are open to advanced undergraduate and all graduate students, and a limited amount of registered auditors from the School of Professional Studies, if the instructor permits auditors.

6000 level lectures are open only to graduate students. Instructor permission is not required for graduate level lectures. 8000 level courses are graduate seminars for enrolled graduate students and all seminars require an application. Graduate students in the Department of Art History receive preference for enrollment in graduate seminars and auditors are generally not permitted.