MA in Art History: Alumni/ae

Yasemin Elif Aykan: “Gazing into Jean-Étienne Liotard’s Drawings of Ottoman Woman” (F. Baumgartner and A. Shalem)

Yaying Bai: “(Mis) behavior of Children in the Floating World” (M. McKelway)

Caroline Grace Beatrice: “The Erechtheion Korai: A Case Study in Seriality” (I. Mylonopoulos and D. Schneller)

Daniel Jonathan Choi: “Cosmopolitan Landscapes: The Great Pagoda of the English Garden” (E. Pistis)

Ariadne Dorothea Diogenous: “Bound By History: Cypriot Identity in Twentieth-Century Hotel Architecture” (B. Bergdoll and Z. Çelik Alexander)

Andie Rebecca Fialkoff: “The Dreamer, The Visionary, and The Dreamscape: Three Readings of the Incipit Miniature of Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Rothschild 2800” (H. Klein)

Marlis Flinn: “Mildred Anne Butler: Politics and Gender in the Irish Countryside” (M. Gamer)

Barriane Lenore Franks: “Appropriation of Africanity? An Examination of the Imitation of African Attire in Italian Renaissance Portraiture” (M. Cole)

Leah Lauren Glimcher: “Edith Halpert, Peggy Guggenheim and Alan Solomon: The Creation of New York’s Modern Art World” (A. Higonnet)

Yuchen Jiao: “Perfected Totality: History and Significance of the Mitsukoshi Honten” (J. Reynolds)

Joseph Walsh Millette: “Tatars and the Tokugawa: Chinese Themes for Japanese Screens” (M. McKelway)

Fiona G. V. Pratt: “Vanishing Point: Exploring Modes of Material and Aesthetic Death in Italian Old Master Oil Paintings” (M. Waters)

Ying Su: “Reconsidering Cultural Dichotomy: Xu Bung’s Background Story in an Open Tradition” (J. Rajchman)

Kristin Anne Toms: “Place, Identity and Landscape: The Art of Nikolai Astrup and Harald Sohlberg” (F. Baumgartner)

Emily Lauren Wehby: "Spectacular Paintings, Seductive Commodities: William-Adolphe Bouguereau’s Charity, Nymphaeum, and A Soul to Heaven at the 1878 Universal Exhibition in Paris" (F. Baumgartner and J. Crary)

Alison Braybrooks: "Roman Sculptures of Female Saints, 1598-1609" (M. Cole)

Sophia Gebara: "A Region of Blankets: Reweaving the Muisca Manta in Nuevo Reino de Granada" (L. Trever)

Abbe Klein: “Lessons from Loheland: Vernacular Architecture and Self-Realization in Interwar Germany” (B. Bergdoll and Z. Çelik Alexander)

Colton Klein: “The Turpentine State: An Ecology of Painting in Minnie Evans’ Airlie Oak” (E. Hutchinson)

Laleh Javaheri-Saatchi: “The Achaemenid-Style Open-Ended Bracelet with Animal Head Terminals: Continuity and Evolution in an Emblematic Ornamental Object Type" (Z. Bahrani)

Ana-Sofia Meneses: “Ancient Spirit and Modern Costume Design in Margarete Bieber's Favorite Plays” (F. de Angelis)

Marie Bouichou: “Festivals as Politics: Celebrating Louis XV King of France in Eighteenth Century Rome” (D. Bodart)

Sarah Faulkner: “A Battle in a Golden Age: Seventeenth Century Concerns and the Reframing of the Heiji monogatari’s Siege of Rokuhara” (M. McKelway)

Luming Guan: “Artists as Tricksters: Jokes and Humor in the Art of Hans Baldung and Urs Graf” (G. Bryda)

Zhirui Guan: “Dis-assemblage in Boucher’s Tenture Chinois” (F. Baumgartner)

Margaret Masselli: “Handshakes, Howdahs, and Heirs: Imagining the Court of Murshidabad” (V. Dehejia)

Katherine Pratt-Thompson: “Reframing Transience: Thomas Moran in Fort George Island, Florida” (E. Hutchinson)

Nicole Sussmane: “A god beyond the binary: a study of gender on a marble sarcophagus with the triumph of Dionysus and the Seasons in the Metropolitan Museum of Art” (F. de Angelis)

Ninive Vargas: “Faith, Race, and Power: A Study of Icons of Hate and Structures of Dominance in the Arts of New Spain” (M. Cole)

Clara Zevi: “The Pocket-Sized Altarpiece: Reproducing a Visit to the Siena Duomo in Jean Pucelle’s Hours of Jeanne d’Evreux” (D. Freedberg)

Shuni Zhu: “Peasant Women in the Pictorial Field: Camille Pissarro's Late Works in Éragny” (F. Baumgartner)

Majdolene Dajani: “Potnia Theron of the Ancient New East: Redeploying Antique Motifs on Ivories of the First Millennium B.C.” (Z. Bahrani)

On-Tsun Fung: “The Politics of Plants and Obaku Zen: Kakutei Jōkō’s (1722-85) Flowers and Plants of the Four Seasons” (M. McKelway)

Nina Elizondo Garza: “The Medieval and Modern Holy Grail: its Origins and Evolution” (H. Klein)

Amy Hummerstone: “Nordic Classicism in Sweden as a Reflection of Cultural Values and Historical Self-Awareness” (B. Bergdoll)

Makiko Kawada: “Suzuki Kiitsu (1795-1858): Refining Aesthetics in Edo” (M. McKelway)

Sarah Jane Kim: “Materializing a Legacy: The Posthumous Restrikes of Édouard Manet’s Etchings” (A. Higonnet)

Sydney Sheehan: “From Prop to Prow: The Native American Image Aboard Nineteenth-Century Ships” (E. Hutchinson)

Yusang Shi: “Intertwined Aesthetics: Orientalism in Frederic Leighton’s Paintings” (M. Gamer)

Lowell Sopcisak: “A Bioregional Provence: Ecocriticism and the Landscapes of Paul Cézanne” (F. Baumgartner)

Ada Berktay: ““Carthago delenda est”: A Sixteenth Century Parade Shield in the Light of Habsburg-Ottoman Rivalries in the Mediterranean” (A. Shalem)

Yixu Chen: “Hu Boxiang (1896–1989) and Chinese Pictorialist Art Photography of the 1920s–30s in Shanghai” (R. Harrist)

Wanshi Ma: “Art and Family in the Works of Two Contemporary Artists and a Filmmaker” (R. Harrist)

Amanda Morrow: “"Always Too Early to Quit": The Life and Career of Photographer Samuel H. Gottscho” (B. Bergdoll)

Allyson Richardson: “The Landscapes of Hercules Segers: Imagination & Experiment” (D. Freedberg)

Cydney Williams: “Violence, Ornamentation, and the Female Body: Armor and the Woman ‘Type’ in Paintings in the 16th and 17th Centuries” (D. Bodart)

Mo Zhang: “Visual and Poetic Imagination in The Four Seasons, a Ming Dynasty Handscroll in the Metropolitan Museum of Art” (R. Harrist)

Sarah Bigler: “A Turn-of-the-Century Tastemaker: Frederick Keppel and American Print Collecting” (A. Higonnet)

Amy Chang: “The Mudéjar and the Marian in Ceramic Baptismal Fonts from Toledo: Apotropaic Designs on Spiritual Thresholds, circa. 1370-1400” (F. Baumgartner)

Drew Lash: “Jacob the Christian: Pictorial Exegesis of the Old Testament Patriarch in Seventeenth Century Spain” (D. Bodart)

Mark Paul: “Rules of Reality: Ornament and Abstraction in so-called Third Style Roman Wall Painting (circa 20 BCE–20 CE)” (F. de Angelis)

Julia Reynolds: “Édouard Vuillard: Experiments in Color, 1890-1901” (A. Higonnet)

Tori Schmitt: “Purification of a Lady: Translating the Medieval Purification Drama at Notre Dame d’Amiens” (S. Murray)

Hanna Wiegers: “Up, Down, and Around: Experimentation and Expression in French Royal Staircases from 1540 to 1589” (S. Murray)

Basak Araz Nalbantoglu: “The Makings of the Image of Byzantine Emperor Justinian through the Urban Transformation of the City of Constantinople” (H. Klein)

Allia Benner: “Hercle, Satyrs, and Greek Models for the Etruscan Male: Images of Hercle and Satyrs with Sources and Containers of Water in Etruscan Art” (F. de Angelis)

Sarah Eisen: “When You Look Me in the Eyes… Abduction, Seduction, and the Power of the Gaze in Ancient Greek Vase Painting” (I. Mylonopoulos)

Laura Polucha: “Self-Fashioning through Mourning: Arabella Huntington and Widowhood in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries” (A. Higonnet)

Roxanne Smith: “Mapping the 'Big Four' Art Collections in San Francisco, 1848-1906” (A. Higonnet)

John Webley: “Marketing the Monarch: Jewelry and Modernity in Franz Xaver Winterhalter's Royal Portraits” (A. Higonnet)

Manabu Yahagi: “Horino Masao's Graphmontage: Documenting the Fragments of Modern Life” (J. Reynolds)

Samantha Clay Reagan: “Bearden’s Migration: A Reading of Romare Bearden’s 1964 Projections Series as a Narrative of the Great Migration” (K. Jones)

Ariel Cohen: “Systems and Patterns of Constructing Culture: Ephraim Moses Lilien in the Nexuses of Zionism” (A. Shalem)

Celia Durkin: “Form as Concept: Levels of Mental Construal Involved in Processing Abstract Art” (D. Freedberg)

Yifu Liu: “The Prints of Bosch: Towards a More Nuanced Attribution” (D. Bodart)

Claire Pierce: “Between Tradition and Innovation: Titian’s Gonfalone for the Compagnia Corpus Domini in Urbino Reconsidered” (M. Cole)

Lili Varzhapetyan: “Queens and Princesses: Female Art Patrons in Medieval Armenia” (H. Klein)

Kelly Wang: “The Four Birds: An Ink Painting by Emperor Song Huizong” (R. Harrist)

Olympia Arco: “Between Film & Foto: Fifo 1929” (N. Elcott)

Xin Du: “Two Paths to Abstraction: Paintings of Zao Wou-Ki and Wu Guanzhong” (R. Harrist)

Marguerite Mott: “The Sensuous Feminine: The Handheld Mirror in the Statuary of South Asian Antiquity” (V. Dehejia)

Lauren Robbins: “Redefining Renoir's Classicism: A Reevaluation of his Mythological Artworks” (F. Baumgartner)

Nikki Sarto: “The Journey to the Underworld: Exploring Mythological Figures on White-Ground Lekythoi” (I. Mylonopoulos)

Mary Schmidt: “Training the Next Generation to Teach: Blending Pedagogy and Content to Train Student Gallery Teachers at University Art Museums” (A. Higonnet)

Jose Blanco Perales: “The End of the Iberian Century in Japan: A Study of the Painting Martyrdom of Fifty-two Christians at Nagasaki in 1622” (M. McKelway)

Ying Chen: “The Painted Flowers: Buddhism and the Patronage of the Xuanhua Tombs from the Liao Dynasty” (R. Harrist)

Cynthia Dare: “Goddess, Heroine, Beast: Anna Hyatt Huntington’s New York Sculpture, 1902-1936” (A. Higonnet)

Anne Dolmatch: “Style at the Crossroads: A Late Gothic Entombment from Biron, France” (S. Murray)

Yuan Fang: “Medium, Post-Medium, or Else? A Theoretical Showcase of Contemporary Chinese Ink” (J. Rajchman)

Ruiying Gao: “Collecting Nature: Traditions of Zahua Tu Juan from Song to Yuan” (R. Harrist)

Hilah Loewenstein: “Polyxena and her Hydria: A Maiden’s Tragic Fate and Self-Referentiality in Athenian Vase-Painting” (I. Mylonopoulos)

Giulia Theodoli: “The Art & Project Bulletin: A Paginated Practice in the Age of Conceptualism” (F. Benelli)

Tim Trombley: “Visualizing Domestic Architecture at Olynthos: Lighting Analysis of Activity Spaces in the Greek House” (I. Mylonopoulos)

Amanda Tsao: “Screens of Change: Two Pairs of Nanban Folding Screens from the Kobe City Museum and Suntory Museum of Art” (M. McKelway)

Catherine Carruthers: "Picturing Chance: Gerhard Richter's and Gilles Deleuze's Abstraction" (J. Rajchman)

Sarah Marsh: "Staging Photography: The Legacy of the Tableau Vivant in Nineteenth Century Photography" (N. Elcott)

Lauren Murtagh: "Sexual Violence, Typologies of the Feminine, and Otto Weininger Revisited: The Lustmord Pictures of George Grosz" (N. Elcott)

Kerry Lee Gaertner: "Becoming Janez Janša: The NAME Readymade Project" (R. Deutsche)

Jessica Rose Garrett: "Michelangelo and Raphael: Drawing, Writing, & Building after Antiquity" (F. Benelli)

Alma Gharib: "Aesthetic Perception and Cognition of Faces" (D. Freedberg)

C. Nicole Leist: "Gods in Plain Sight: The Personification of Mountains and Rivers in Ancient Near Eastern and Greek Art" (I. Mylonopoulos)

Lois Martin: "Mother Monster Maize: Reading Coatlicue as Chicomecoatl through the Lens of Aztec Science (and Youtube)" (E. Pasztory)

Kaitlin Richardson: "The Ancien-Régime Fan: A Sophisticated Synthesis of Design, Function and Use" (A. Higonnet)

Carol Santoleri: "Turner and the Picturesque Tour: Mist, Spray and Ripples on the River Seine" (V. Di Palma)

Lauren Turchioe: "Repetitive Patterning as Signs of Wealth and Power in Chimu Textiles" (E. Pasztory)

Jane Elizabeth Braun: "Reconfiguration, Redistribution, Recharacterization: The Second Empire Renovations of the Bois de Boulogne and the Development of the Culture of Popular Display at the Hippodrome de Longchamp" (A. Higonnet)

Sara King: "Mourning and Matronage in the Bliss Collection" (A. Higonnet)

Timothy King: "Aztec Gold Ornaments: Use, Production, Distribution, Iconographic, and Stylistic Elements, and Attribution of Aztec Gold" (E. Pasztory)

Aubrey Knox: "Life after Death: The Du d'Aumale's and Albert C. Barnes' Quests for Control, Validation, and Ideological Integrity Through Their Collections" (A. Higonnet)

Carol Santoleri: "Turner and the Picturesque Tour: Mist, Spray and Ripples on the River Seine" (V. Di Palma)

Elizabeth Seeman: "The Naumann Panel: A Memento Mori as Symbol of Selfhood in Sixteenth Century Venice" (M. Cole)

Xin Wang: "Traditions Animés: The Art of Ink in the Age of Digital Reproductions" (R. Harrist)

Alyssa Bryk: "Rivals in Cinquecento Italy: The Stigmas and Triumphs of Michelangelo and Titian" (D. Rosand)

Eduardo A. Escobar: "Metal Casters and Metal Casting at Ugarit during the Late Bronze Age" (Z. Bahrani)

Neil Ghosh: "Internationalizing the Art of Bengal: the Artwork of Paritosh Sen, Jogen Chowdhury, and Bikash Bhattacharjee" (V. Dehejia)

Heather Hoge: "Saint-Pourçain-sur-Sioule: Ramifications of Regional Architectural Types on a Central Locale" (S. Murray)

Martha Susan Roy: "The Cultural, Social and Architectural History of the Family Fallout Shelter during the Early Cold War (1950–1965)" (H. Ballon)

Sydney Weinberg: "The Architecture of War: Francesco di Giogio, Federico da Montefeltro and The Art of Defense" (F. Benelli)