PhD in Art History and Archaeology: Alumni/ae

Bailey Barnard: "Making an Appearance: Presenting Hellenistic Kings in Portraits and in Person" (I.Mylonopoulos)

Vivian Crockett: “‘The Skin of All’: The Racial Politics of an Anthropophagic Return in Hélio Oiticica and Lygia Pape” (K. Jones)

Alexandra Zoe Dostal: “Rope, Linen, Thread: Gender, Labor, and the Textile Industry in Eighteenth-Century British Art” (M. Gamer)

Katherine Fein: “The Garb of Nature: Art, Nudity, and Ecology in the Nineteeth-Century United States” (E. Hutchison)

Rachel Hutcheson: “Natural Color Photography, 1890–1920: Technology, Gender, Colonialism” (N. Elcott)

Tara Kuruvilla: "Disjecta Membra: The Life and Afterlife of the India Museum" (V. Dehejia)

Emma Le Pouésard: "Contested Sites of Feminine Agency: Ivory Grooming Implements in Late Medieval Europe" (H.Klein)

Diana Mellon: “Landscape and Identity in Naples and the Campi Flegrei” (D. Freedberg & M.Cole)

Sophia Merkin: “Co-collecting tapa: redefining Robert Louis Stevenson's collection of barkcloth in Samoa and beyond, 1888-1894” (Z. Strother)

Cleo Nisse: "Unraveling Canvas: from Bellini to Tintoretto" (D.Bodart)

Daniel Ralston: “Creating the Modern Spanish School: Fortuny, Madrazo, and Manet” (A. Higgonet)

Corey Ratch: "Rendering Bodies: The Abattoir in Modern Art and Photography" (E. Hutchinson)

David Sledge: “Contested Modernism: Black Artists and the Spaces of Modern American Art, 1925-50” (E. Hutchison)

Molly Superfine: "Ruins and Remains: Performative Sculpture and the Politics of Touch in the 1970s" (K. Jones)

Joseph Woldman: “Look at Me: Faces and Gazes in Etruria in the Sixth Century BCE” (F. de Angelis)

Valerie Zinner: “Illustrated Legends of the Two Masters: Sumiyoshi Gukei's Early Modern Engi Emaki” (M. McKelway)

Seher Agarwala: “Visualizing Texts, Reading Paintings: Image, Imagination, and Ethics in Sixteenth-Century Golconda” (V. Dehejia)

Susannah Blair: “Constantin Guys and the Modern Newspaper” (J. Crary)

Monica Bulger: “Facing Forward: Frontality in the Archaic Period” (I. Mylonopoulos)

Alexander Ekserdjian: "The Gods of Hellenistic Central Italy: Theology, Representation, and Response” (F. de Angelis)

Rachel Engler: “Televangelical Space, 1950-1985” (B. Bergdoll)

Angel Jiang: “In the Manner of Silversmiths: Architecture, Ornament and the Plateresque in Renaissance Spain” (M. Waters)

Rattanamol Johal: “Forms of Despair: Postmodernist Art in Metropolitan India” (A. Alberro)

Rozemarijn Landsman: “The Subtlety of Jan van der Heyden’s Bricks: Art, Technology, and the City” (D. Freedberg)

Cathy Zhu: “Born in a Golden Light: Omens, Art, and Succession in the Southern Song (1127-1279)” (B. Harrist)

Müge Arseven: "Sacred Architecture in Ancient Greek Vase Painting: Between Reality and Representation" (I. Mylonopoulos)

Ayşe Ercan: "The Mangana Quarter in Byzantine Constantinople (843–1453 C.E.): Reinterpreting an Architectural Complex in Sarayburnu/ Istanbul Through Archaeology" (H. Klein)

Isabella Lores-Chavez: "Plaster Casts in the Life and Art of Seventeenth-Century Dutch Painters" (D. Freedberg)

Teresa Soley: "Monumental Ambition: Tomb Sculpture in Early Imperial Portugal" (M. Cole)

Erhan Tamur: "Site-Worlds: Art, Politics, and Time In and Beyond Tello (Ancient Girsu)" (Z. Bahrani)

Alexis Wang: “Intermedial Effects, Sanctified Surfaces: Embedded Devotional Objects in Italian Medieval Mural Decoration” (H. Klein)

Emogene Schilling Cataldo: “Living Stones: Sculpted Foliage in Gothic Architecture, c.1140-1300” (S. Murray)

Xiaohan Du: “On A Snowy Night: Yishan Yining (1247-1317) and the Development of Zen Calligraphy in Medieval Japan” (R. Harrist)

Nina Horisaki-Christens: “VIDEO HIROBA: Contingent Publics and Video Communication in Japan, 1966-1981” (J. Reynolds)

Nicholas Fitch: “Institutional critique and autobiography in the post-1968 work of Clorindo Testa” (B. Bergdoll)

Courtney Fiske: “Requestioning” Postminimalism: Gordon Matta-Clark’s Creative Energetics, 1968–72” (B. Joseph)

Tiffany Floyd: "Dreaming of Ancient Times: Mesopotamia and the Temporal Topography of Iraqi Modern Art, 1958-2003" (A. Alberro and Z. Bahrani)

Matthew Gillman: “Medieval Glass and the Aesthetics of Simulation” (A. Shalem)

Natasha Marie Llorens: “Specters of Liberation, Children of Violence: Experimental Film in Algeria 1965-1979” (A. Alberro)

David Schneller: “Crafting Across Time and Space: Artistic Exchange and Archaic Greek Sanctuaries in the Eastern Mediterranean” (I. Mylonopoulos)

Brian Van Oppen: “Radiant Bodies: Living with Etruscan Bronze Candelabra” (F. de Angelis)

Leah Werier: “From Vitrine to Screen: Art and the Architecture of Commodity Display” (A. Alberro)

Margot Bernstein: “Carmontelle's Profile Pictures and the Things that Made Them Modern” (A. Higonnet)

Rachel Boyd: “Invention, Collaboration, and Authorship in the Renaissance Workshop: The Della Robbia Family and Italian Glazed Terracotta Sculpture, ca. 1430–1566” (M. Cole)

Raymond Carlson: "Michelangelo between Florence and Rome: Art and Literary Culture in Sixteenth-Century Italy" (M. Cole)

Sophia D’Addio: “Painted Organ Shutters in Renaissance Italy” (M. Cole)

Daria Foner: "Collaborative Endeavors in the Career of Andrea del Sarto" (M. Cole)

Changduk Kang: “Before the Reality Effect: Wax Representations in Eighteenth-Century France” (A. Higonnet)

Kathryn Kremnitzer: "Manet's Watercolors: Transition and Translation in the 1860s" (A. Higonnet)

Nicholas C. Morgan: "Displaying Queerness: Art and Identity, 1989-1993" (A. Alberro)

Mikael Muehlbauer: ““Bastions of the Cross:” Medieval Rock-Cut Cruciform Churches of Tigray, Ethiopia” (S. Murray)

Steven Niedbala: "Techniques of Carceral Reproduction: Architecture and the Prison System in the United States, 1799-1978" (B. Bergdoll)

Abbe Schriber: "For a Politics of Obscurity: David Hammons and Black Experimentalism, 1974-1989" (K. Jones)

Jacob Stavis: "The Formation of Achaemenid Art: Beyond Iconography and Attribution" (Z. Bahrani)

Andrea Fabiola Vázquez de Arthur: “Clay Bodies, Powerful Pots: On the Imagery and Ontology of Wari Faceneck Vessels” (E. Pasztory)

Jens Bartel: “Style, space and meaning in the large-scale landscape paintings of Maruyama Ōkyo (1733-1795)” (M. McKelway)

Connie Choi: ““A matter of building bridges”: Photography and African American Education, 1957-1972” (K. Jones)

Lucas Cohen: “Port of Flanders: Jef Geys and Belgium in the 1970s” (R. Krauss)

Yasmine Espert: “The Cinema of Social Dreamers: Artists and Their Imaginations Return to the Caribbean” (K. Jones)

Michael Anthony Fowler: “Human Sacrifice in Greek Antiquity: Between Myth, Image, and Reality” (I. Mylonopoulos)

William Gassaway: “Extraordinary bodies: Death, divinity, and distortion in the art of post-classic Mexico” ( E. Pasztory)

Álvaro Luís Lima: “Art in Mozambique at the End of Socialism” (Z. Strother)

Arathi Menon: “Hipped and gabled: Similitude and vicissitude in Kerala’s sacred art and architecture” (V. Dehejia)

Michaëla Mohrman: “Populist counter-spectacles and the inception of mass media art in Argentina: Marta Minujín's happenings, performances, and environments of the 1960s” (A. Alberro)

Matthew Peebles: “Act as Attribute: The Attacking Body in Ancient Greek Art” (I. Mylonopoulos)

Leah Pires: “Finesse: Louise Lawler’s Pictures” (A. Alberro)

Irina Tolstoy: “Camillo Trevisan’s palace and villa culture on the island of Murano” (M. Cole)

Siddhartha Shah: “Ornamenting the Raj: Opulence and spectacle in Victorian India” (V. Dehejia)

Julia Vázquez: “The Artist as Curator: Diego Velázquez, 1623-1660” (D. Bodart)

Lorenzo Vigotti: “The origin of the Renaissance palace: Domestic architecture during the Florentine oligarchy, 1378-1432” (F. Benelli)

Alex Weintraub: “Authoring art in nineteenth-century France, 1793-1902” (J. Crary)

Caitlin Beach: “Sculpture, Slavery, and Commerce in the Nineteenth-Century Atlantic World” (E. Hutchinson)

Thomas Campbell: “Picturing the system: Counter-institutional practices in British art of the 1970s” (B. Joseph)

Sonia Coman: “New Values in Art: Japanese and Japoniste Ceramics, 1866-1904” (A. Higonnet)

Emily Cook: “Legacies of Matter: Tradition, Innovation, and Remediation in the Materials of Roman Ideal Sculpture” (F. de Angelis)

Lindsay Cook: “Architectural Citation of Notre-Dame of Paris in the Land of the Paris Cathedral Chapter” (S. Murray)

Carrie Cushman: “Temporary Ruins: Miyamoto Ryûji's Architectural Photography in Postmodern Japan” (J. Reynolds)

Catherine Damman: “Unreliable Narrators: Staging Performance in the 1970s” (B. Joseph)

Robert Fucci: “Landscape into History: The Early Printed Landscape Series by Jan van de Velde II (1593-1641)” (D. Freedberg)

Sofia Gans: ““a whole chapel cast and engraved with images”: the Many Meanings of the Tomb of Saint Sebald in Nuremberg” (S. Murray)

Beth Gollnick: “Diffusion: Women Light Artists in Postwar California” (B. Joseph)

Maggie Mustard: “Atlas Novus: Kawada Kikuti’s Chizu (The Map) and Postwar Japanese Photography” (J. Reynolds)

Joseph Scheier-Dolberg: “Yu Zhiding (ca. 1646-ca. 1716) and the Envisioning of the Early Qing World” (R. Harrist)

Matthew Teti: “From Minimalism to Performance Art, 1967-1971” (B. Joseph)

Robert Wiesenberger: “Print and Screen, Muriel Cooper at MIT” (B. Bergdoll)

Yu Yang: “At the crossroads of Japanese modernism and colonialism: Architecture and urban space in Manchuria, 1900-1945” (J. Reynolds)

Gillian Young: “Telepresence: Joan Jonas and the Emergence of Performance and Video Art in the 1970s” (B. Joseph)

Marta Becherini: “Staging the Foreign: Niccolò Manucci (1638-ca. 1720) and Early Modern European Collections of Indian Painting” (V. Dehejia)

Eliza Butler: “The Civic Art of Francis Davis Millet” (E. Hutchinson)

Carla D’Arista: “Building Blocks of Power: The Architectural Commissions and Decorative Projects of the Pucci Family in the Renaissance” (F. Benelli)

Alessandra Di Croce: “Sacred Fragments: The Reception of Christian Antiquity in post-Tridentine Rome” (H. Klein)

Kevin Dumouchelle: “Traditions of Modernity in an African City: Continuity and Change in the Architecture of Kumasi” (S. Vogel)

Nicole Griggs: “Reconsidering the Tribune in Early Gothic Architecture of Twelfth-Century Northern France” (S. Murray)

Alexandra Helprin: “The Sheremetevs and the Argunovs: Art, Serfdom, and Enlightenment in Eighteenth-Century Russia” (A. Higonnet)

Türkan Pilavci: “Drinking a God and Sacrificing a Drink: Agency of the Hittite Libation Vessels” (Z. Bahrani)

Eszter Polonyi: “Ghost Writer: Béla Balázs's Hauntology of Film” (N. Elcott)

Rachel Silveri: “The Art of Living in the Historical Avant-Garde” (B. Joseph)

Talia Andrei: "Mapping Sacred Spaces: Representations of Pleasure and Worship in Sankei Mandara" (M. McKelway)

Emily Beeny: “Poussin, Ballet, and the Birth of French Classicism” (D. Freedberg)

Colby Chamberlain: “George Maciunas and the Art of Paperwork” (B. Joseph)

Heather Clydesdale: “The Jiuquan Tombs: Reordering Art and Ideas on China’s Frontier” (R. Harrist)

Sandrine Colard: "Photography in the Colonial Congo (1885-1960)" (Z. Strother)

Jessamyn Conrad: “The Meanings of Duccio’s Maesta: Architecture, Painting, Politics and the Construction of Narrative Time in the Trecento Altarpieces for Siena Cathedral” (H. Klein)

Adam Eaker: “Lore of the Studio: Van Dyck, Rubens, and the Status of Portraiture” (D. Freedberg)

Frank Feltens: “Ogata Kōrin (1658-1716) and the Possibilities of Painting in Early Modern Japan” (M. McKelway)

Huffa Frobes-Cross: “Various Representational Tasks: Art and Activism in the Early Work of Martha Roster, Allan Sekula and Fred Lonidier, 1967-1976” (B. Joseph)

Stephanie O'Rourke: “Bodies of Knowledge: Fuseli and Girodet at the turn of the Nineteenth Century” (J. Crary)

Tina Rivers Ryan: "McLuhan's Bulbs: Light Art and the Dawn of New Media" (B. Joseph)

Michael Sanchez: “The Rhine System: Konrad Fischer and the Logistics of Artists, 1967-1974” (R. Krauss, B. Joseph)

Andrew Sawyer: “Frame Work: The Contexts of Walker Evans” (E. Hutchinson)

Taryn Marie Zarrillo: “Artistic Patrimony and Cultural Politics in Early Seicento Venice” (D. Rosand, D. Bodart)

Christina Charuhas: “The Disobedient Isle: Bermudian Aesthetic and Material Culture in the British Atlantic, 1609-1753” (E. Hutchinson)

Amanda Gannaway: “Visualizing Divine Authority: An Iconography of Rulership on the Late Middle Horizon and Late Intermediate Period North Coast of Peru” (E. Pasztory)

Jennifer E. Jones: “A Discourse on Drawings: Amateurs and Connoisseurs and the Graphic Arts in Early Eighteenth-century Paris” (R. Brilliant)

Subhashini Kaligotla: “Shiva's Waterfront Temples: Reimagining the Sacred Architecture of India's Deccan Region” (V. Dehejia)

Sandrine Larrive-Bass: “Embodied Materials: The Emergence of Figural Imagery in Prehistoric China” (R. Harrist)

Risham Majeed: “Primitive before Primitivism: Medieval and African Art in the 19th Century” (S. Murray)

Andrew Manson: “Rationalism and Ruins in Roma Mussoliniana: The 1934 Palazzo del Littorio Competition” (M. McLeod)

Megan McCarthy: “The Empire on Display: Exhibitions of Germanic Art and Design in America, 1890-1914” (E. Hutchinson)

Rory O'Neill: “Gothic on the Edge: Light, Leviation and Seismic Culture on the Evolution of Medieval Religious Architecture of the Eastern Mediterranean” (S. Murray)

Giulia Paoletti: “Un Nouveau Besoin: Photography and Portraiture in Senegal (1860-1960)” (Z. Strother)

Elizabeth Perkins: “Antonello da Messina and the Independent Portrait in Fifteenth-Century Italy” (D.Freedberg)

Aaron Rio: “Ink Painting in Medieval Kamakura” (M. McKelway)

Julia Siemon: “Bronzino, Politics and Portraiture in 1530s Florence” (M. Cole, D. Freedberg)

Therese Sjovoll: “Queen Christina of Sweden’s Musaeum: Collecting and Display in the Palazzo Riario” (D. Freedberg)

Zachary Stewart: “The Integrated Interior: Parish Church Architecture in Eastern England, c.1330–c.1550” (S. Murray)

Chun-Yi Tsai: “Imagining the Supernatural Grotesque: Paintings of Zhong Kui and Demons in the Late Southern Song (1127-1279) and Yuan (1271-1368) Dynasties” (R. Harrist)

Alexandra Tunstall: “Woven Paintings, Woven Writing: Intermediality in Kesi Silk Tapestries in the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1912) Dynasties” (R. Harrist)

Susan Wager: “Boucher's Bijoux: Luxury Reproduction in the Age of Enlightenment” (A. Higonnet)

Heidi Applegate: “Staging Modernism at the 1915 San Francisco World's Fair” (E. Hutchinson)

Ellen Belcher: “Embodiment of the Halaf: Sixth Millennium Figurines from Northern Mesopotamia” (B. Boyd)

Lorenzo Buonanno: “Stone Mediators: Sculpted Altarpieces in Early Renaissance Venice” (D. Rosand)

Diana Bush: "The Dialectical Object: John Heartfield, 1915-1933" (A. Alberro)

Anne Chen: "From the Seed of the Gods: Art, Ideology and Cultural Exchange with the Persian Court under the Roman Tetrarchs, 284-324 CE" (F. de Angelis)

Kathryn Chiong: "Words Matter: The Work of Lawrence Weiner" (R. Krauss)

Joshua Cohen: “Masks and the Modern: African/European Encounters in 20th-Century Art” (Z. Strother)

Christopher Dueker: "The Entangled Aesthetics of Alex Janvier" (E. Hutchinson)

Frederick Ilchman: "Jacopo Tintoretto in Process: The Making of a Venetian Master, 1540-1560 (D. Rosand)

Kate Isard: "The Practice of Architectural Theory in Vincenzo Scamozzi's Annotated Books" (F. Benelli)

SeungJung Kim: “Concepts of Time and Temporality in the Visual Tradition of Late Archaic and Classical Greece” (I. Mylonopoulos)

Soyoung Lee: “Interregional Reception and Invention in Korean and Japanese Ceramics, 1400-1800” (M. McKelway)

Emily Liebert: "Roles Recast: Eleanor Antin and the 1970s" (A. Alberro)

Jessica Maratsos: "The Devotional Imagination of Jacopo Pontormo" (D. Rosand)

Heather McStay: "Viva Bacco e Viva Amore: Bacchic Imagery in the Renaissance" (D. Rosand)

Denise Murrell: "Seeing Laure: Race and Modernity from Manet's Olympia to Matisse, Bearden, and Beyond" (A. Higonnet)

Debra Nagao: “An Interconnected World? Evidence of Interaction in the Arts of Epiclassic Cacaxtla and Xochicalco, Mexico” (E. Pasztory)

Neeraja Poddar: "Krishna in His Myriad Forms: Narration, Translation, and Variation in Illustrated Manuscripts of the Latter Half of the Tenth Book of the Bhagavata Purana" (V. Dehejia)

Sarah Schaefer: "From Sacred to Spectacular: Gustave Doré's Biblical Imagery" (A. Higonnet)

Anna Spiro: "Reconsidering the Career of Nicholaus Artifex (active c. 1122-1164) in the Context of Later Twelfth-Century North Italian Politics" (H. Klein)

Alena Williams: "Movement in Vision: Cinema, Aesthetics, and Modern German Culture, 1918-1933" (J. Crary)

Serdar Yalcin: “Seals, Identity and Patronage in the Ancient Near East (ca. 1550-1050 BC)” (Z. Bahrani)

Kim Benzel: "Pu-abi's Adornment for the Afterlife: Materials and Technologies of Jewelry at Ur in Mesopotamia" (Z. Bahrani)

Katherine Morris Boivin: "Holy Blood, Holy Cross: Architecture and Devotion in the Parochial Complex of Rothenburg ob der Tauber" (S. Murray)

Susanna Cole: "Space into Time: English Canals and English Landscape Painting 1760-1835" (J. Crary)

Marie-Stéphanie Delamaire: "An Art of Translation: French Prints and American Art (1848-1876)" (E. Hutchinson)

Anna Hetherington: "Melancholy Illusions: From Bosch to Titian" (D. Rosand)

Susan Kart: "From Direct Carving to Recuperation: The Art of Moustapha Dime in Post-Independence Senegal 1974-1997" (E. Hutchinson, B. Lawal)

Katherine Kasdorf: "Forming Dorasamudra: Temples of the Hoysala Capital in Context" (V. Dehejia)

Dipti Khera: "Picturing India's 'Land of Princes' Between the Mughal and British Empires: Topographical Imaginings of Udaipur and its Environs" (V. Dehejia)

Joseph Loh: "When Worlds Collide: Art, Cartography, and Spatial Imagination in Early Modern Japan" (R. Harrist)

Martina Mims: "August Endell's Construction of Feeling" (B. Bergdoll)

Arianna Packard: "The Catafalque of Paul V: Architecture, Sculpture and Iconography" (D. Rosand)

Nassim Rossi: "Italian Renaissance Depictions of the Ottoman Sultan: Nuances in the Function of Early Modern Portraiture" (D. Rosand)

Anna Seastrand: "Praise, Politics and Language: South Indian Paintings 1500-1800" (V. Dehejia)

Yuthika Sharma: "Art in between Empires: Visual Culture & Artistic Knowledge in Late Mughal Delhi 1748-1857" (V. Dehejia)

Jessica Basciano: "Architecture and Popular Religion: French Pilgrimage Churches of the Nineteenth Century" (B. Bergdoll)

Roberta Casagrande-Kim: "The Journey to the Underworld: Topography, Landscape, and Divine Inhabitants of the Roman Hades" (R. Brilliant)

Andrew Finegold: "Dramatic Renditions: Battle Murals and the Struggle for Elite Legitimacy in Epiclassic Mesoamerica" (E. Pasztory)

Meredith Fluke: "Building across the Sacred Landscape: The Romanesque Churches of Verona and their Urban Context" (H. Klein)

Teresa Harris: "The Transformation of the City: The Kampffmeyer Family and the German Garden City Association" (B. Bergdoll)

Page Knox: "Scribner's Monthly 1870-1881: Illustrating a New American Art World" (E. Hutchinson)

Risha Lee: "Constructing Communities: Tamil Merchant Temples in India and China (850-1281)" (V. Dehejia, R. Harrist)

M. Jordan Love: "'On Earth as It is in Heaven?': The Creation of the Bastide Towns of Southwest France" (S. Murray)

Jeffrey Miller: "The Building Program of Archbishop Walter de Gray: Architectural Production and Reform in the Archdiocese of York, 1215-1255" (S. Murray)

Kim-Ly Moynihan: "Comedy, Science, and the Reform of Description in Lombard Painting of the Late Renaissance: Arcimboldo, Vincenzo Campi, and Bartolomeo Passerotti" (D. Freedberg, D. Rosand)

Aimee Ng: "Ruptures in Painting after the Sack of Rome: Parmigianino, Rosso, Sebastiano" (D. Freedberg, D. Rosand)

Olivia Powell: "The Choreographic Imagination in Renaissance Art" (D. Rosand)

Sara Switzer: "Correggio and the Sacred Image" (D. Freedberg, D. Rosand)

Mark Watson: "Diplomatic Aesthetics: Globalization and Contemporary Native American Art" (E. Hutchinson)

Carolyn Yerkes: "Drawing as a Way of Knowing: Architectural Survey in the Late Renaissance" (H. Ballon, D. Freedberg)

Fabio Barry: "Painting in Stone: The Symbolic Identity of Coloured Marbles from Antiquity until the Age of Enlightenment" (J. Connors)

Patrick Crowley: "Forms of Spectrality in Ancient Rome" (F. de Angelis, N. Kampen, R. Brilliant)

Sonja Drimmer: "The Visual Language of Vernacular Manuscript Illumination: John Gower's Confessio Amantis (Pierpont Morgan MSM126)" (S. Murray)

Christina Ferando: "Staging Canova: Sculpture, Connoisseurship, and Display: 1780-1843" (A. Higonnet, J. Crary)

Ellen Hoobler: "The Limits of Memory: Alfonso Caso and Narratives of Tomb Assemblage from Monte Alban, Oaxaca, Mexico, 500-800 and 1931-49 CE" (E. Pasztory)

Albert Narath: "The Baroque Effect: Architecture and Art History in Berlin, 1886-1900" (B. Bergdoll)

Andrea Renner: "Housing Diplomacy: The Rise and Fall of U.S. International Housing in Latin America, 1949-1973" (H. Ballon)

Susan Sivard: "Upheaval and Transformation: The Volcano in American and European Art, 1765-1865" (E. Hutchinson)

Anna Vallye: "Design and the Politics of Knowledge in America, 1937-1967: Walter Gropius, Gyorgy Kepes" (B. Bergdoll)

Laura Weinstein: "Variations on a Persian Theme: Adaptation and Innovation in the Early Manuscripts of Golconda" (V. Dehejia)

Richard Anderson: "The Future of History: The Cultural Politics of Soviet Architecture, 1928-1941" (B. Bergdoll)

Masha Chlenova: "On Display: Transformations of the Avant-Garde in Soviet Public Culture, 1928-1933" (C. Kiaer)

Sarah E. Kelly: "Camera's Lens and Mind's Eye: James McNeill Whistler and the Science of Art" (D. Rosand)

Il Kim: "The Cult of Light in Fifteenth-Century Italian Renaissance Architecture" (J. Connors)

Geoff Lehman: "Perspective and the Renaissance Landscape" (D. Rosand)

Victoria Sancho Lobis: "Artistic Training and Print Culture in the Time of Rubens" (D. Freedberg, D. Rosand)

Evan Neely: "Cy Twombly and the Ethics of Painting" (D. Freedberg, D. Rosand, B. Joseph)

Jonathan Neil: "Carl Andre, Richard Serra, the Problem of Materials and the Picture of Matter" (B. Buchloh, R. Krauss)

Ian Pepper: "On the Difference Between Serialism and Seriality" (R. Krauss)

Kristin Romberg: "Aleksei Gan's Constructivism, 1917-1928" (C. Kiaer)

Johanna Seasonwein: "The Nursing Queen: Sculptures of the Virgo Lactans in Late Medieval France" (S. Murray)

Erin Thompson: "Images of Ritual Mockery on Greek Vases" (D. Freedberg)

Lee Ullman: "Movement and the Making of Place in the Hittite Landscape" (J. Smith, Z. Bahrani)

Lara Allison: "Perception and Pedagogy: Design, Advertising and Education in Chicago, c.1935-1955" (H. Ballon)

Eric Anderson: "Beyond Historicism: Jakob von Falke and the Reform of the Viennese Interior" (B. Bergdoll, M. McLeod)

Jordan Bear: "Without a Trace: Early Photography and the History of Visual Objectivity" (J. Crary, A. Higonnet)

Susan Beningson: "Shaping Sacred Space: Early Buddhist Caves and their Interaction with Ritual Architecture and Artistic Programs of Tombs in Fifth Century China" (R. Harrist)

Juan Ledezma: "Gustav Klutsis, El Lissitzky and the October Group: Montage and the post-history of the constructivist object in Russia's 'Reconstruction Period' (1928-1932)" (C. Kiaer, B. Buchloh)

Catherine Roach: "Frame Works: Paintings-within-Paintings in Nineteenth-Century Britain" (A. Higonnet)

Nadja Rottner: "Claes Oldenburg and the Emergence of the 'Happening'" (J. Rajchman, R. Krauss, B. Joseph)

Margaret Sundell: "From Fine Art to Fashion: Man Ray's Ambivalent Avant-Garde" (R. Krauss, B. Buchloh)

Abigail Susik: "The Vertigo of the Modern: Surrealism and the Outmoded" (R. Krauss, A. Higonnet)

Yasuko Tsuchikane: "Art, Crafts, Architecture and Modern Society: Buddhist Temple Decorations in 20th Century Japan by Domôto Inshô (1891-1975)" (M. McCormick)

Veronica White: "Sero Ludere: Baroque Invenzione and the Development of the Capriccio" (D. Freedberg, D. Rosand)

Lei Xue: "The Elusive Crane: Memory, Metaphor and a Stone Monument from Sixth Century China" (R. Harrist)

Colleen Becker: "Competing Representations: The "Volk" in German Visual Culture, 1890-1900" (A. Higonnet)

Alexander Bartolot: "A Language for Change: Creativity and Power in Mozambican Makonde Masked Performance, circa 1900-2004" (N. Kampen)

Chelsea Foxwell: "Kano Hōgai (1828-88) and the Making of Modern Japanese Painting" (M. McCormick)

Paul Galvez: "The Landscape-as-Body in Modernist Painting" (J. Crary)

Beth Hinderliter: "The Space of Painting: Kurt Schwitters and El Lissitzky" (B. Buchloh, R. Krauss)

Kyle Killian: "The Landscapes of Saint-Pierre d'Orbais: an Anthropology of Monastic Architecture" (S. Murray)

Rebecca Molholt: "On Stepping Stones: The Historical Experience of Roman Mosaics" (R. Brilliant, N. Kampen)

Sarah Roland: "Corinth and the Birth of Figural Representation in Greek Monumental Architecture" (C. Marconi, N. Kampen)

Christine Sciacca: "The Gradual and Sacramentary of Hainricus Sacrista (Pierpont Morgan Library, M. 711): Liturgy, Devotion, and Patronage at Weingarten Abbey" (S. Murray)

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