'Islamic' Art: Disrupting Unity and Discerning Ruptures

A series of lectures to address the historiography of the field ‘Islamic Art’ by scoring the particular moments of ruptures that fractured its foundations.

Organized by Avinoam Shalem, Riggio Professor, Arts of Islam, Department of Art History and Archaeology, Columbia University, in collaboration with the Center for Spatial Research at the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, the Middle East Institute of Columbia University, and the Centre for the Study of Muslim Societies at Columbia University.

In collaboration with:

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'Islamic' Art: Disrupting Unity and Discerning Ruptures, Sheila Canby (Metropolitan Museum of Art): "Early Safavid Art: Rupture or Synthesis?" Kishwar Rizvi (Yale University): Self and the World: The Arts during the Period of Shah 'Abbas I.
'Islamic' Art: Disrupting Unity and Discerning Ruptures, Patrick Ball (Human Rights Data Analysis Group): "Seeing the Forest: Analyzing Hidden Patterns Using (Mostly) Public Data about People Killed in Syria, 2011-2015"

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