MODA Alumni/ae

Brooke Lin Finister: “Black Earth: Vessels Across the Atlantic” (K. Jones)

Yuan Gao: “Beyond the Public/Private Divide: Corporate Art Museums and Discursive Power” (J. Rajchman)

Victoria R. Horrocks: Photography at the Border: Exploring Presence and Loss in Border Cantos and Lost Children Archive” (E. Huchinson and M. Spiegel)

Ho Won Kim: “Double-Rendering: Computer Graphics and Airbrush in the Work of Austin Lee and Avery Singer” (N.Elcott)

Hyojoo Kim: “Yto Barrada: Stories Found, Stories Collected and Stories Told” (N. Elcott)

Si Li: “Art at Borderlands – How to Rewrite Histories of Contemporary Chinese Art?” (J. Rajchman)

Darcy Lannen Olmstead: “Contemporary Artists’ Publications in Digital Time” (B. Joseph and N. Elcott)

Carlota Ortiz Monasterio: “A Speculative Impulse: Art Transgressing the Archive” (K. Jones)

Chloe Victoria Powers: “Inextricable Digital Personas: The Convergence of Online and Physical Self” (K. Jones)

Yuma Terada: “Liquidity Modernism: Financial Criteria of Modern Art, 1891 to Present” (N. Elcott)

Kojo Abudu (MODA Curatorial Fellow): “Living With Ghosts: Hauntology & Spirituality in the African Postcolony” (K. Jones)

Michelle Chu: "Figure/Ground: Matter and Void in Victorian Media" (Z. Çelik Alexander)

Leah Denison: “Mycologic: Iris Van Herpen & The Mycelial Moment” (A. Higonnet)

Xinni (Cindy) Ding: “Socialist Mother, Post-Socialist Daughter: Gendered Historiography in China” (J. Rajchman) 

Jiayi (Estelle) Gu: “Sites for Reflection: Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirror Room in the Cyber Era” (J. Kraynak)

Madison Hampton: “Methods for Meaning: Studies in Autofiction, Visual Storytelling, and Narrative as Knowledge-Production” (A. Alberro)

Yueqiu Hu: “Dystopia of Anxiety: On Kawara’s Figurative Paintings and Postwar Japanese Psyche” (J. Reynolds)

Akshay Jain: “Third World Biennale of Graphic Art” (J. Rajchman)

Richard Austin Janisch: “The Past Made Present: Margaret Kilgallen and The Merits of Connection, Collaboration and Community” (J. Kryanak)

Natalie Pashaie: “Problematizing Place: Selections of Contemporary Art from the Iranian Diaspora” (J. Kraynak)

Emily Small (MODA Curatorial Fellow): “A.K. Burns and Negative Space: Prepositions of the Future” (J. Kraynak)

Shaun Wang: “Digital Art’s ‘Aura’, Its Trans-disciplinary Nature, & Its Epistemic Activity” (J. Rajchman)

La (Liz) Zhuo: “Traversing the Kármán Line: Signification, Transculturality, and Modernity in Xu Bing's Works” (J. Rajchman)

Marina Avia Estrada: “Performing the balaclava: Feminist Aesthetics in Contemporary Chile” (K. Jones)

Cristina Belli: “The Monad and the Nomad: Archigram and the Theory of Reflexive Modernization” (Z. Çelik Alexander)

Tess DeBerry: “East German Feminist Performance: Bodily Action of Cornelia Schleime and Gabriel Stötzer in the 1970s and 1980s” (J. Kraynak)

Clara Derrac Sorria: “Art in Times of ‘Immaterial Labor’: On Andrea Fraser, Maria Eichhorn, and Hito Steyerl” (A. Alberro)

Erin Gallagher (MODA Curatorial Fellow): “Narrative Thread: Gina Adams and Marie Watt” (E. Hutchinson)

Alison Guh: “Mexico, Masquerade, and the Modern Woman: Leonora Carrington and Kati Horna” (N. Elcott)

Manuela Hansen: “Dismantling Dualisms: A Posthuman Feminist Perspective on Mariko Mori, Anicka Yi, and Mikka Rottenberg” (A. Alberro)

Marcus Jamison (MODA Curatorial Fellow): “Aestheticizing Anti-Black Violence: From Critique to Satire” (K. Jones)

Hannah Morse (MODA Curatorial Fellow): “Locating Abdourahmane Sakaly” (Z. Strother)

Rotana Shaker (MODA Curatorial Fellow): “A Bottomless Silence: An Exhibition in Suspension” (J. Rajchman)

Aude Tournaye: “Mulanga: Memory and History in the Work of Sammy Baloji” (Z. Strother)

Jean Wong: “Archipelago of Order in an Ocean of Chaos: A Critical Analysis of DASH by Ho Rui An” (J. Rajchman)

Euphie (Ziyan) Ying: “Recontextualizing Ink Art: A Minimalist Approach” (J. Rajchman)

Tiffany Zhan: “The Subjects of Realism: Icon, Viewer, and Landscape in the Work of Liu Xiaodong” (J. Rajchman)

Shiying Li: “Towards a New Realism: A Transnational Retrospective on Tibetan Series” (J. Rajchman)

Paula Kroll: “In the (Iron) Air” (R. Krauss)

Marina Rastorfer: “Provenance Research and The Many Chasms: The Case of Gurlitt, An Ongoing Search” (J. Kraynak)

Dana Rodriguez: “Playing the Game: Nina Chanel Abney’s Use of the Sports Figure” (K. Jones)

Anes Sung: "In the Shadow of Forward Motion: Death and the Compulsions of the Photographic Image in the Photography of David Wojnarowicz, 1987-1991" (J. Kraynak)

Meghan Collins: "(Dis)Order: Howardena Pindell’s Hybrid Paintings of the Seventies" (J. Kraynak, J. Rajchman)

Ashleigh Deosaran: "Griots of the Galaxy: Science Fact/Fiction, Technology, and Futurity in the work of Three Latin American Artists" (K. Jones)

Ivana Dizdar: "He Loves Me Not: Tanja Ostojić and Daniela Ortiz, from EU Migration to Anti-Celebration" (R. Deutsche)

Pujan Karambeigi (MODA Curatorial Fellow): "Beyond Representation: On Astrid Klein, Katharina Sieverding, and Ulrike Rosenbach" (A. Alberro)

Alessandra Gomez (MODA Curatorial Fellow): "Into darkness. Trajal Harrell, Dean Moss, Eiko Otake & DonChristian" (K. Jones, C. Yang)

Margaret Kross: "Ancestral Halls: The Cold of Anxiety is Very Real" (J. Kraynak)

Sally Eaves Hughes: "The Making of Memory: Mary Sibande and Her Majesty, Queen Sophie" (K. Jones)

Alexandra Adams: "How She Played: Nellie Mae Rowe and the Art of Dislocation" (K. Jones)

Charmaine Branch: "Weaving an Intersectional Space, Dialectics of Isolation: An Exhibition of Third World Women Artists of the United States" (K. Jones)

Allison Cannella: "Perceiving Ideas: An Inspection of Conceptual Art through a Neuroaesthetic Lens." (D. Freedberg)

Olivia Casa (MODA Curatorial Fellow): "Anna Bella Geiger: Here is the Center" (K. Jones)

Vered Engelhard: “GEGO: Towards an Ethics of Form” (J. Rajchman)

Banyi Huang: “Excavating Shu Lea Cheang’s Cyber-Eco-Sexual Bodies” (J. Rajchman)

Alison Burnstein: “Institutional Critique, Alternative Spaces, and New Institutions: A Genealogy” (R. Deutsche)

Maria Kelly: “The Unfixed Landscape: Meghann Riepenhoff & Matthew Brandt” (K. Jones)

Jeffrey Paul: “Printing Poetics: Wade Guyton’s Index of Translation” (B. Joseph)

Madeline Weisburg (MODA Curatorial Fellow): "New Talent" (B. Joseph)

Maria Fillas: “Painting Sex and the Female Body: An Abstract-Figurative Continuum” (J. Kraynak)

Tianyuan Deng: “White is My Marble: Whiteness and Ambivalence in Cy Twombly’s Sculptures” (J. Rajchman, J. Kraynak)

Nate Jones: “Robert Smithson’s Telescope” (B. Joseph)

Amélie Alexandre: “Moi Je Joue: Sophie Calle’s ‘Private Games,’ an Exposition” (J. Rajchman)

Mary Annunziata: “Mapping Resistance: Bouchra Khalili’s The Mapping Journey Project as a Form of Counter-Geography and Alternative Historiography” (J. Rajchman)

Katherine Adams Cohn: “Collaborative Frameworks of Resistance: Curating Carnival” (K. Jones)

Zhuofan Huang: “Camille Henrot: The Artist as Ethnographer in the Information Age” (J. Rajchman)

Inesa Brasiske: ““What is Established is Destroyed, What is Stiff Creeps Everywhere:” André Cadere's Tactics of Resistance” (A. Alberro)

Dani Cabot: “In A Rented World: The Real-and- Imagined Thirdspace of Jack Smith” (B. Joseph)

Page Benkowski: “The Simulacrum of the Self: Digitization and the User-Viewer” (J. Kraynak)

Taylor Fisch: “The Still Life as a Political Object: Reevaluating the Photographic Still Life in the Twenty-First Century” (K. Jones)

Georgia Horn: “Of the Space Between: the Art of Rosa Barba” (J. Kraynak)

Anne Cicco: “Constructing Punk: Mike Kelley and Tony Oursler’s The Poetics Project 1977-1997” (B. Joseph)

David Crane: “Life Serial: Repetition and Reiteration in the Work of Glenn Ligon and Felix Gonzalez-Torres” (J. Kraynak)

Sarah Diver: “Streamlining Indian Arts: Racial Politics and Display Strategies in the Indian Arts and Crafts Board Exhibition at the 1939 San Francisco Golden Gate International Exposition” (E. Hutchinson)

Elleree Erdos: “Chartered Images: Social Media and Circulation in Art of the Syrian Diaspora” (N. Elcott)

Leah Hartman: “Artistic Resistance to the Spectacular Image: Abounaddara and Wafaa Bilal” (J. Kraynak)

Natasha Rosenblatt: “Pterodactyl or Spaceship?: Hybridity in the Work of Lee Bontecou” (B. Joseph)

Gena Beam: “Tactical Movement: Sylvia Palacios in New York, 1970-1976” (A. Alberro)

Vivian Chui: “Rokni Haerizadeh & Tala Madani: The Grotesque Body Inverted in the Post-9/11 World” (J. Rajchman)

Matthew Cross: “To Break the Circle: Christopher Williams and the Program of Photography” (K. Minturn)

Ashley Duhrkoop: “The Abstruse Abecedarium: Enciphering the Object of Language to Unmask Its Instrument of Power or, a Critical Perspective on the Story of Language, Art, and Thought from Mallarmé to Xu Bing Notes Towards an Exhibition” (J. Rajchman)

Heba Elkayal: “The Politics of Egyptian Modernism: Commemorating the Building of the Aswan High Dam” (Z. Bahrani)

Beatrice Grenier: “The Transnational Network of Shanghai Abstract Painting (1976-1985)” (J. Rajchman)

Tara Kuruvilla: “Beyond the Frame: Process as Practice in the Photo-Performances of Pushpamala N.” (K. Minturn, V. Dehejia)

Anna Linehan: “360° Field of Vision: Liz Deschenes’ Photographic Spaces” (A. Alberro)

Amber Moyles: ““To Read What was Never Written”: Walter Benjamin in the Age of the Interwar Avant-Garde” (N. Elcott)

Gregor Quack: ““Either his or my choices”: Spectatorship in Öyvind Fahlström’s Variable Paintings” (B. Joseph)

Katherine Siboni: “Post-structuralist Punk: The Early Films of Ericka Beckman, 1974-1978” (B. Joseph)

Valerie Werder: “Thinking Before Language: Drawing, Tracing, and Mapping the Notational” (J. Rajchman)

Doris Zhao: “Practices of Cultural Cannibalism in Modern and Contemporary Art” (K. Jones)

Anna von Bertrab: “Eclectic Collections and Architectural Spectacles: Billionaire Art Museums in 21st Century Mexico City” (B. Bergdoll)

Alison Coplan: "Reality FX" (J. Rajchman)

Maria Ferreyra: “Guerrilla Artists: Forging National Identity in Postwar Guatemala” (K. Jones)

Emily Greer: “Rover Thomas at the 1990 Venice Biennale: Understanding Contemporary Aboriginal Art within a Global Exhibition Space” (E. Hutchinson)

Heidi Hirschl: “Portraiture’s Reinvention: Rineke Dijkstra’s Contemporary Revision of the Traditional Portrait and its Evolution” (J. Rajchman)

Kathleen Langjahr: “The Idea of Cinema as an Idea of Art: Neo Avant-Garde Film and Paracinema” (J. Rajchman)

Chaeeun Lee: “Modernist Theater for the Camera: Video Art of General Idea and Martha Rosler, 1974-77” (J. Rajchman)

Dana Liss: “Uncanny Parallels: Speculating History in Lorna Simpson’s Corridor and Octavia Butler’s Kindred” (R. Deutsche)

Eva Lu: “Encyclopedic Overviews: The Eclectic Microcosm of Peter Fischli and David Weiss at the 55th Venice Biennale” (A. Higonnet)

Desiree Pakravan: “Breaking the Frame” (J. Rajchman)

Juliette Premmereur: “New York, No Wave” (J. Rajchman)

Amanda Ryan: “The Archive and the Cosmopolitan Subject: Art and Reconstruction in Postwar Beirut” (J. Rajchman)

Rana Saner: “(Un)Speaking for Others: Archival Hospitality within Turkish Contemporary Art” (J. Rajchman)

Leigh Tanner: “Illusion as Reality: Artistic Exploration of the Human Impact of China’s Rapid Urbanization” (J. Rajchman)

Ariella Wolens: “Killing Time: The Art of Gabriel Orozco” (K. Moxey)

Rebecca Wolff: “Adoption and Adaptation: The Development of Uli-Based Artistic Approaches in the Art of Uche Okeke and Obiora Udechukwu” (Z. Strother)

Anne S. Bruder: "Liliana Porter's Unruly Wrinkle" (K. Jones)

Charlotte Friling: "Georges Thiry's Secret Museum: Erotic Photography between Stasis and Motion" (N. Elcott)

Alexa Lawrence: "The Art of Bare Life: Three Case Studies from the Iraqi Diaspora" (R. Deutsche)

Thomas Lax: "Ralph Lemon: 1856 Cessna Road" (K. Jones)

Dana L. Liljegren: "Criticality through Invisibility and Temporality in the Works of John Knight” (B. Joseph)

Tamar Margalit: “Sovereignty and Discipline: Joshua Neustein, Michael Druks, and the Development of Conceptual Art in Israel" (N. Elcott)

Brian McCarthy: "Art & Urbanism in Contemporary South Asian Practice" (R. Martin)

Hye Jin Noh: "Making Dissensus: Socially-Engaged Art in Contemporary Korea" (J. Rajchman)

Haeyun Park: "In Constant Motion: Nam June Paik's Itinerary from "Physical Music" to Electronic Television, 1958-1963" (J. Rajchman)

Beau Rutland: "Protesting the Divide: Representation, Abstraction, and the U.S. Civil Rights Movement in Painting, The 1960s and 1970s" (K. Jones)

Jamie Y. Shi: "Recursive Acts: Suspended Disbelief in Tacita Dean's The Russian Ending" (K. Moxey)

Cecelia Thornton-Alson: "Multilinear Tangle: Performance, Urbanism, and the Border dispositif" (R. Deutsche)

Beatriz Velázquez Calleja: "Of Voids, Epiphanies, and Charismatic Revenants: Fernando Sánchez Castillo's Works about General Franco" (R. Deutsche)

Erica Agyeman: "Interrogating Space: Cosmopolitanism in Lagos" (Z. Strother)

Caroline Blankenbeckler: "The Mexican Sojourn: Motherwell, Matta, Paalen, & the Beginnings of Abstract Expressionism" (K. Jones)

Susan Pfunder Carlson: "Vision, Power and Society: The Work of the Zero Group" (K. Cabañas)

Ceren Erdem: "Cross-Time Stories: Global Subjectivities after 1989" (J. Rajchman)

Joseph Gergel: "Not a Picture of, but an Object about Something: Robert Heinecken's Photo-Materiality" (K. Cabañas)

Margaret E. Murray: "Sarah Morris: Painting and Filming the American City in the Postmodern Age" (B. Joseph)

Jaime Beth Schwartz: "Reduced Visibility: Thomas Ruff's jpgs ny and the Picturing of Trauma in the Digital Era" (R. Deutsche)

Lisa Williams: "La Forma della Città: The Ideal City and the Painting of Modern Life" (K. Cabañas)

Alexander Benenson: "Public Image" (R. Deutsche)

Jennifer Borland: Thesis Exhibition: "Case Histories" (J. Crary)

Drew Bucilla: "Another Mendieta" (K. Cabañas)

Kristen Chappa: Virtual Exhibition: "Unsound: Ethics and Potentialities in Contemporary Audio Art" (B. Joseph)

Deborah Elliott: "New York’s Ground Zero: The American Memorial in a Post 9/11 Age" (J. Rajchman, M. McLeod)

William Helfrecht: "New York Bohemia: Beat Culture and the Happening" (B. Joseph)

Geneva Jann-Lewis: "Fluid Identity: Postcolonialism and Feminism in the Work of Sheela Gowda" (V. Dehejia, K. Cabañas)

Donald Johnson-Montenegro: Thesis Exhibition: "Every Other Day" (K: Cabañas)

Michelle Johnson: "Past/Future Tense: The Early Experimental Documentaries of Peter Watkins" (J. Rajchman)

Tomoko Kanamitsu: "Conjuring the Art of Light and Shadow: The Shadow Plays of the London Filmmaker’s Co-op" (N. Elcott)

Catherine Kron: "Guy de Cointet: A Study in 4 Moves" (J. Rajchman)

Marley Blue Lewis: "Re-imagining Curatorial Practice: Toward Expanded Notions of Feminism in Art" (A. Alberro)

Caroline Luce: "Spatial Dynamics: Recent Video Installations by Barbara Kruger" (R. Deutsche)

Temitayo Ogunbiyi: "Two Roads Diverged in a Yellow and We’re SUPER EXCITED" (K. Jones)

Emily Shaw: "What’s So ‘Radical’ About Information?: The Artistic Archive as Educational Tool" (A. Alberro)

Rebecca Siegel: "Cause Célèbre: Shoah Memorials in a Reunified Berlin" (R. Deutsche)

Tracy Zwick: "Right/Remedy: Doris Salcedo" (J. Rajchman)

Elizabeth Berkowitz: "Malevich, Mondrian and Ideological Abstraction" (J. Rajchman)

Noga Bernstein: "Territorial Borders through Gendered Lens: Works by Einat Amir and Sharif Waked" (R: Deutsche)

Mary Aileen Burns: "Negotiating Authorship: Lucy R. Lippard and Curatorial Practice" (J. Rajchman)

Stewart Campbell: "Alienation by Design: Krzysztof Wodiczko's Alien Staff and the Spectacular Immigrant" (N. Elcott)

Elizabeth Denny: "William Kentridge and Political Change in South Africa" (J. Crary)

Lilla Fekete: "The Stranger: Krzysztof Wodiczko on the Immigrant Situation" (J. Rajchman)

Mashinka Firunts: "Semiospectacle" (K. Jones)

David Everitt Howe: "Get Rid of Your Self: Bernadette Corporation's Post-Identity Pastiche" (K. Cabañas)

Hollyamber Kennedy: "A Consuming Historical Fever: Postwar Berlin, Critical Reconstruction and the International Building Exhibition, 1987" (F. Scott)

R. Charl Landvreugd: "Creative Acts of Equality and Difference; notes on contemporary Black-Dutch Art" (K. Jones)

Ashley Moore: "Subaltern Subversions: The Art of Wangechi Mutu and Adriana Varejão" (R. Deutsche)

Janet Oh: "Mix Tapes: A Study of Artists' Works and Interviews in Audio Arts Magazine" (K. Cabañas)

Nicole Salm: "Book By Its Cover: Contemporary Issues in Book Arts Exhibition" (E. Hutchinson)

Zarmeena Shah: "Intersections: Jenny Saville & Gilles Deleuze" (J. Rajchman)

Yayoi Shionoiri: "'Art' Il-legally Defined?—An Art Historical and Legal Analysis of Akasegawa Genpei's Model Thousand-yen Note Incident" (M. McKelway)

Begum Yasar: “The "Self-Presence" of Minimalism and Rachel Whitehead's Art of "Sous Rature”" (J. Rajchman)