Art History and Archaeology Graduate Association (AHAGA)

The purpose of AHAGA is to unite and strengthen the Art History and Archaeology graduate community. The Council serves as a resource for AHAGA members by organizing networks for peer support, building and sustaining streamlined communication among students, faculty, and staff, and maintaining and disseminating institutional memory.

AHAGA 2021-2022 Officers

First Year MA Representative: Walsh Millette 
Second Year MA Representative: Alison Braybrooks
First Year MODA Representative: Chloe Powers
Second Year MODA Representative: Austin Janish
MA/MODA ASGC Representatives: Ying Su & Yasemin Aykan
Second Year PhD Representative: Sinclair Spratley
Third Year PhD Representative: Sarah Cohen
Five Year + PhD Representative: Bailey Barnard 
International Affairs Representative: Ho Won Kim

Resources for Graduate Students

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