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Cambridge-Columbia Graduate Student Symposium: The Materiality of Art

March 3, 2017
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
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University of Cambridge


Dr. Rosalind P. Blakesley

Session 1: Material Objects

Chair: Professor Caroline van Eck

Sofia Gans, Columbia University
Models of Collaboration: Brass Casting in Fifteenth-Century Nuremberg

Matthew Gillman, Columbia University
A Tale of Two Ivories: Elephant and Walrus

Tom Young, University of Cambridge
The Delights of Association: Art as Networking in the East India Company's “Familial Proto-State,” 1797–1824

Session 2: Material Surfaces

Chair: Dr. Alexander Marr

Amy Jeffs, University of Cambridge
From Space to Surface: the art historical ramifications of piercing the image to punish traitors in medieval books of secular legend

Siddhartha Shah, Columbia University
Plumage, Paradise, and Power: The Peacock Dress of Lady Mary Curzon

Kamila Kociałkowska, University of Cambridge
Gustav Klucis and the Materiality of Censorship

Session 3: Material Affects

Chair: Dr. Donal Cooper

Lizzie Marx, University of Cambridge
The Materiality of Smelling Salts in Rembrandt's Art

Lorraine de la Verpillière, University of Cambridge
“The Ink of Melancholy”: A New Interpretation of Jean Duvet's Plate of the Despair and Suicide of Judas (c. 1550/60)

Session 4: Material Effects

Chair: Dr. Alyce Mahon

Clare Kobasa, Columbia University
Between Material, Word, and Image: Absent Objects in Print

Kathryn Kremnitzer, Columbia University
Manet's Watercolors: Transition and Translation in the 1860s

Roxanne Smith, Columbia University
Art and Parody in the “Plastic Tableaux” Films of Georges Méliès

Concluding Remarks

Dr. Frank Salmon