Past Event

Cambridge-Columbia Graduate Student Symposium: Modernism and Cross-Cultural Exchange

March 31, 2012
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
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Columbia University

Megan McCarthy, Columbia University
German Applied Arts at the Newark Museum: Transatlantic Politics and Exhibition Practice Before the Great War

Louise Hardiman, University of Cambridge
Beyond the “World of Art”: The Writings of Netta Peacock and Frank Rinder for Modernist Artistic Journals in Russia, c. 1900

Chloe Kroeter, University of Cambridge
Did the German War Machine Power British Politics? Images of the Foreign Threat on Covers of the New Age, 1910

Nicola Kozicharow, University of Cambridge
“Byzantine Pure and Simple”: The British Reception of Dmitrii Stelletskii at the Second Post-Impressionist Exhibition of 1912

Lauren Weinberg, University of Cambridge
Man Ray, the “Great Hunter”? Capturing the Women of the Avant-Garde

Maggie Mustard, Columbia University
Suspension and Possibility: Yamawaki Iwao and the Trajectory of Bauhaus Photography

Alastair Meredith, University of Cambridge
Jan Juta in the 1920s: Paris, Eze, and New York

Esther Polonyi, Columbia University
Invisible Man: Microcinematography in Early Twentieth-Century Europe

Josephine Baark, University of Cambridge
Saga: Danish-Inuit Modernism and Ethnographic Collecting at the Sugartop Mountain

Michaela de Lacaze, Columbia University
Turn Off the TV and Drop Some Acid: Psychedelic Participation, Politics, and Mass Media in Marta Minujín’s Art of the Sixties

Michael Sanchez, Columbia University
Andre Cadere in Circulation

Sonia Coman, Columbia University
Wataru Matsumara: Microcosms in Ink