Past Event

Cambridge-Columbia Graduate Student Symposium: The Persistence of Tradition in Art and Art History

March 8, 2013
9:00 PM - 4:00 PM
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University of Cambridge

Session 1

Laura Slater, University of Cambridge
Maintaining or Reinventing Tradition? The Beresford Shroud Tomb

Rachel Boyd, Columbia University
From Futurism to the Trecento: Carlo Carrà and Giotto

Daniel Zamani, University of Cambridge
Resurrecting Camelot: Andre Breton's Chivalric Medievalism

Session 2

Sonia Coman, Columbia University
Painting as Bridge Between Literary Traditions: Tosa Mitsunobu and the Bamboo of the Four Seasons

Anna Blair, University of Cambridge
French Modernity and Cambodian Tradition: The Politics of Interwar Travel

Alexandra Helprin, Columbia University
Painting and the Lubok Tradition: Argunov's Portrait of Praskovia Sheremeteva

Session 3

Catherine Damman, Columbia University
A Postscript to Transgression: Carolee Scheemann and the “Primitive” 1960s

Nicholas Fitch, Columbia University
Allegories of the Plague in the Work of Clorindo Testa, 1975–1978

Session 4

Max Bryant, University of Cambridge
The Neoclassical Pediment: Re-contextualising the Antique in Late Eighteenth- and Early Nineteenth-Century Europe and America

Brigid von Preussen, Columbia University
The ancien régime in the New World: Henry Clay Frick's Fragonard Room and French Style in Gilded Age America

Bridget Hembree, University of Cambridge
Eschewing Tradition: Aesthetic Politics at Belmead Plantation

Richard Butler, University of Cambridge
Architecture and the “Triumph” of Catholic Ireland: A Case Study of Church Building in Rural Cork, 1953–55