Past Event

Cambridge-Columbia Graduate Student Symposium: Reception as Creation, Interpretation, Transformation

April 8, 2016
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
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Columbia University

Session 1

Lindsay Cook, Columbia University
Citations of Notre-Dame of Paris in the “magnificent debris” of Saint-Mathurin of Larchant

Taylor McCall, University of Cambridge
Invention and Replication: Artistic Agency in Medieval Anatomical Diagrams

Angelica Federici, University of Cambridge
Nigra Sum, The Curious Incident of Black Virgins in Medieval Europe

Session 2

Amy Chang, Columbia University
The Unknown and the Illegible: Apotropaic Readings of Pseudo-Arabic in Fourteenth-Century Mudéjar Ceramics

David Zagoury, University of Cambridge
Expanding the Beholder's Share: Creative Reception in Cinquecento Art Theory

Hwanhee Suh, Columbia University
Imperial Favor and Pictorial Fame: The Wanluan Thatched Hall by Dong Qichang and its Place in Chinese Painting

Session 3

Margot Bernstein, Columbia University
Pierre-Antoine Baudouin: Moving the Jury through Motif and Materiality

Julien Domercq, University of Cambridge
Collecting the Pacific: Contrasting Early Receptions of Polynesian Art in Britain from Joseph Banks' Collection and the Holophusicon to the London Missionary Society Museum, circa 1770–1830

Tom Young, University of Cambridge
“A picture of unity and friendship with the pen of charm”: Portraiture and Anglo-Sikh Diplomacy, 1799–1839

Session 4

Neylan Bağcıoğlu, University of Cambridge
Representing the Struggle in Women and Work: A Document on the Division of Labour in Industry, 1973–75

Matthew Teti, Columbia University
King of the Avant-Garde: Chris Burden Responds to His Critics

Nina Horisaki-Christens, Columbia University
Yamaguchi Katsuhiro's Contingent Art: Video and Futeikei bijutsu