Past Event

Cambridge-Columbia Graduate Student Symposium: The Spaces of Art

April 4, 2014
9:00 AM
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Columbia University

Session 1

Imma Ramos, University of Cambridge
“All Pilgramige Centres Exist in Woman’s Body”: The Iconography of Menstruation, Pregnancy, Birth, and Devotion at Kamakhya Temple in Assam

Georgios Markou, University of Cambridge
“The Voice of One Crying in the Wildnerness”: The Lose Grotto of the Palaia Enkleistra in Venetian Cyprus

Andrew Chen, University of Cambridge
Flagellant Confraternal Ritual Spaces: Prato, Bergamo, Leonessa

Session 2

Lorenzo Vigotti, Columbia University
The Privatization of the Urban Landscape by the Florentine Oligarchy

Katherine Reinhart, University of Cambridge
Spaces of Art, Spaces of Science: The Académie Royale des Sciences and the Construction of the Paris Observatoire

Margot Bernstein, Columbia University
From Table to Turpitude: Gambling, Seduction, and a Card Table by Bernard II van Risenburgh

Session 3

Anna Blair, University of Cambridge
La Grande Mosquée de Paris: Colonial Space in Parisian Streets

Otto Saumurez-Smith, University of Cambridge
The Space of Art and Culture in Graeme Shankland’s Plan for Liverpool

Nicholas Morgan, Columbia University
Making an Exhibition for Photography: The Collection of Sam Wagstaff

Session 4

Abbe Schriber, Columbia University
“Long Time No See”: Dance and the Logics of Video in Trisha Brown’s Set and Reset

Carrie Cushman, Columbia University
“Inside Me, the Earthquake”: Materiality and Embodiment in the 1996 Fractures Exhibition

Gregor Quack, Columbia University
Here, There, and Everywhere: Artworks and Their Photographic Reproductions in a Post-Internet Moment