Undergraduate Honors and Awards

To be considered for departmental honors, students must have a GPA of at least 3.7 in classes for the major and have submitted a senior thesis of distinction. The faculty of the Department of Art History and Archaeology submits recommendations to the Committee on Honors, Awards, and Prizes for confirmation. No more than ten percent of graduating majors in the department receive departmental honors each year.

2022–23 Honors and Awards

Departmental Honors were awarded to:
Lisa Yuxin Chen
Olivia Doyle
Arrietty Ji

The Senior Thesis Prize was awarded to Lisa Yuxin Chen for “Through the Looking-Glass: Exhibiting the Arts of the Mongol Yuan Dynasty (1271–1368) in the United States” (Advisor: Morris Rossabi)

The Judith Lee Stronach Memorial Prize was awarded to Joshua Becktell

Past Senior Thesis Prize Recipients

Lilly Jean Cao, CC ’22, “The Space that Mural Makes: Julie Mehretu and Goldman Sachs” (Advisor: Rosalyn Deutsche)

Alex Foo, GS ’21, “The Syntheses of Alessandro Vittoria: Sculptural Ambition in Renaissance Venice” (Advisor: Diane Bodart)

Haena Chu, CC ’20, “Lee Bul’s Architectural Installations: How to Survive Modern History in Korea” (Advisor: Jonathan Reynolds)

Aaron Smithson, CC ’19, “Art on the Urban Green: Sculpture Parks and Redevelopment in the Age of Neoliberalism” (Advisor: Rosalyn Deutsche)

Alicia Schleifman, CC ’18, “Something Really Messy: Ed Ruscha’s Avant-Garde Foundations, 1974–1976” (Advisor: Branden Joseph)

Benjamin Philip Davidoff, CC ’17, “The Ancient Synagogue at Sardis: Religious Pluralism in the Late Roman Empire” (Advisor: Ioannis Mylonopoulos)

Eleanor Crimmins Goerss, CC ’16, “Fragmented Temple & Maiden Intact: The Art of Sanctuary and Sermon Book in the Seventeenth-Century Amsterdam Begijnhof” (Advisor: Diane Bodart)

Martha Scott Burton, CC ’15, “To Suffer a Sea-Change: The Afro-Future Female and the Aquatic in Ellen Gallagher's Watery Ecstatic” (Advisor: Kellie Jones)

Shirlynn Sham, CC ’14, “A Shocking Split: Intrusions of the Phatasmagoric into the Embodied Perceptual Model” (Advisor: Jonathan Crary)

Isabel J. Losada Sabando, CC ’13, “Pilgrimage and the New Jerusalem: A Reconstruction of the Enameled Plaques of St. Martin's Cathedral in Ourense, Spain” (Advisor: Holger Klein)

Laura Waelbroeck, CC ’12, “Furnishing Gentility: Jacques Seligmann and the Marketing of Decorative Arts, 1880-1923” (Advisor: Anne Higonnet)

Elisabeth Stephan, GS ’12, “A Spectre upon the Threshold: The X-ray's Aesthetic Aperture into Modernity” (Advisor: Anne Higonnet)

James DeWille, CC ’10, “The Body in Jesús Soto: Movement, Participation, and Performance in Soto's Art, from Early Vibrations to the Penetrables” (Advisor: Alexander Alberro)