Undergraduate Travel Seminars

The travel seminar is a highlight of the undergraduate major in art history. It features a week-long trip during spring break to study firsthand the subject of the seminar. The course combines the rigors of a traditional seminar with the excitement and intensity of nearly round-the-clock learning and camaraderie on a trip led by a Columbia professor. The trip is a required part of the course, and major expenses (airfare and hotel) are covered by the department. A gift from Philip Aarons to enhance the undergraduate major in art history has enabled us to offer this extraordinary educational opportunity through 2010. Since then, the undergraduate travel seminar has been funded by the generosity of the Riggio Program Fund for Undergraduate Support.

Past Travel Seminars

2023: AHIS UN3237 Art and Architecture of Medieval Germany, Gregory Bryda and Holger A. Klein

2019: AHIS GU4749 Bauhaus and Architecture, Barry Bergdoll

2018: AHIS UN3317 Shaping Renaissance Rome, Michael J. Waters

2017: AHIS UN3424 Sunshine/Noir: Minor Histories of California Art, Johanna Gosse

2016: AHIS W3847 Cities of Knowledge: Displaying Archaeological Knowledge in the Public Spaces of Amman, Avinoam Shalem

2015: AHIS W3878 Life of a Cathedral: Notre-Dame of Amiens, Stephen Murray

2014: AHIS W3879 Medieval Jerusalem: The Making of the Holy, Avinoam Shalem

2013: AHIS BC3938y Modern Native American Art in the South West, Elizabeth W. Hutchinson

2012: AHIS W3922 Rome, ca. 300-1300, Holger A. Klein

2012: AHIS W3930 Ancient Rome and Its Monuments, Francesco de Angelis

2010: AHIS W3865 Paris: Capital of the 19th Century, Anne Higonnet

2008: AHIS W3993 Investigations in Contemporary Art (Marfa, TX), Branden W. Joseph

2007: AHIS W3921 Patronage and the Monuments of India, Vidya Dehejia

2006: AHIS W3941 House and Garden In 18th Century England, Vittoria DiPalma

2005: AHIS W3946 Greek Sicily, Clemente Marconi

2004: Berlin Live: German Art and Culture from Romanticism to Expressionism, Cordula Grewe